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Bean's Legacy

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"My 3 year old completed two months of water rescue classes possible only with a scholarship from the Bean's Way Foundation. In that short time, she went from no swimming ability to being able to paddle to safety while being able to take breaks as needed. I feel so much more comfortable living around water knowing that Emmalyn possesses these abilities in the event of an emergency." 

Michele Tucholski

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"My son is a very energetic toddler who loves playing in water. He has no fear and will just run into the ocean or a pool. It has always made me nervous which is why I searched for a survival swim class for children.  The cost was more than I could handle. Thankfully, with the support of Beans Way I was able to enroll my son in a swim class and he has basic life saving skills in case he runs into a pool alone or with someone who cannot swim.  I am so grateful for this program for giving my son the opportunity to learn these skills as well as giving me that peace of mind. Thank you so much, Bean's Way!"  

Ashley Adekoje

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"I decided to put my daughter into swim lessons in 2020 at the age of 6. With being older and leavening how to swim I know how much more important that was. She had a crazy fear of water and had to have someone by her at all time. That's when I knew we had to do something. Working with Mindy 6 weeks and my daughter's confidence and water safety increased tremendously. By the end of the 6 weeks she was independently swimming and floating. She had increased water confidence and was excited to swim and dive. I highly recommend. I know that she has the tools she needs to swim, float or maintain survival of an emergency or a water accident."

Abbey Baker

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